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Welcome to American Order –  Shopping and global delivery service, that will make your American shopping dreams come true.
Now you can shop in any American store online. Don’t worry that they ship only to the 50 American states. We will mail anything you choose to buy to anywhere you want – to any country in the world where mail goes.
There are thousands and thousands of American stores on the Internet, selling millions and millions of things you already love or never knew existed. Americans spend billions of dollars buying on the Net. Join them for the most convenient and exciting shopping. The best shopping. American shopping.
Find things you want for the price that you like. Visit world famous stores, the largest stores in America, Net Malls or little boutiques. Go to any store. When you find what you need, American Order will make sure you get it.
Buy for yourself, for your family, for your business. Buy gifts for someone you love. Surprise your boss, or buy something just to brag about.
American Order will deliver the best American service to you.
Millions of people come to America to shop. But millions of Americans do their shopping on the Internet to save money and time. They have many reasons to shop on the Net:
-Save money, since prices in online stores are lower
-Save travel, transportation and parking expenses, etc.
-Save time – online, in just one hour you can visit as many stores as you would in a week, shopping on your feet.
-Millions and millions of products are available online, some of which you will never find in regular stores or might not even know that they exist.
So, if you don’t have time to visit USA or if it is to expensive to travel that far, you can do your shopping in American stores from your home. American Order will help you.
How do we do it?

American Order
is a shopping and delivery service. We buy and send products you want to buy online to you or your business by mail. You find products. Then we buy it for you, pack it for international delivery and mail it to you. That’s all. A fee is charged for our buying service. Our fee may change if processing of your order needs unusual or special handling (because of size, weight or some other matter). Before you order, we will give you an estimate of your cost.
American Order will promptly mail your order. We mail your order by Airborne Express or United States Postal Service. You can save a lot of money on shipping charges if you buy a few items at a time and they can all fit into one parcel. 
American Order will process your order as soon as we receive it and mail out your parcel on the same or next business day after it is delivered to us. If you ordered a few items and they can all be sent in one box, we will wait until all of them are delivered to us and mail them together.
For protection all mailings are insured, and the recipients identification and signature are required upon delivery.

There are two simple steps to follow to make a purchase.  After you find what you want to buy:
1. Fill out an Invoice Request forms.  We will check your request and e-mail you an Estimated Invoice.
After you receive our Estimated Invoice:
2. Make a payment and submit to us Order form.

There are thousands of stores on the Internet, every day new ones open. We present links to some of them. We have compiled a few groups of stores that will make it convenient just to start your shopping.
Our site is updated regularly, and new links are waiting for you every time you shop with us. Do not hesitate to do your own search – by store, item or category. Use any search engine on the Net. Go to any store and shop, shop, shop. When you find what you need, we will help you get it.
Now, to warm-up your shopping, check out these links. Hold your breath.

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American Order
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