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Quick Pay by Western Union
The fastest, safest way to receive payments from customers worldwide.

It's the payment solution you've been waiting for! Western Union Quick Pay allows international customers to send payments directly to us electronically. This easy, secure service transfers payments electronically in minutes and eliminates the time delays and multiple fees associated with other payment methods. Funds are automatically converted from your local currency, so there are no foreign exchange headaches. And it's 100% guaranteed by Western Union, the world's largest money transfer network.
Western Union Quick Pay is the ideal way for customers to send payments from virtually anywhere.
How It Works:
You simply bring cash payment in local currency to any of 80,000-plus Western Union Agent locations, complete the blue form, pay a low fixed fee (often less than a typical bank transfer fee) and obtain a receipt.
Minutes later, a payment confirmation is sent via email to our office, or we'll receive payment confirmation via Western Union secure website. Funds are then directly deposited to our bank account within 24 hours.
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For More Information
To find Western Union Quick Pay branch near you, contact your nearest Western Union location.